Would you love to create potent visibility in your transformation business?


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It is possible to simplify AND amplify your visibility.

When you distil your unique presence, you stand out with ease.

When you show up fully, you can do less to attract your perfect people.

Join me to activate your potent presence so you can become seen, known and valued.



You may find yourself:

  • Spinning your wheels planning All The Things and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Doubting the value of what you bring and wondering ‘Who am I to …?’ 
  • Feeling exposed when you share your soul-guided offerings.
  • Beating yourself up for not being more consistent.
  • Frustrated by the lack of engagement when you do share your wisdom. 

You’re not alone. But it is possible to shift this.


Radiating a presence that touches others - they feel you and know you get them.

When you share, people stop the scroll - they listen, respond and enrol

Feeling confident to share what’s most alive for you to engage your people.

Owning and sharing all of your magic, your brilliance, your gifts, your humanity.

Holding a self-soothing space for visibility wobbles - generating your own safety.

Being fully and joyfully engaged with every stage of your visibility adventures.

I see you, transformation leader. You give your potent presence to your clients to create deep transformation. 

You love your work. But getting out there to share your magic so your people can find you, may feel heavy and out of flow.

Or the idea of revealing the next level of your soul-led work may terrify you, even though it’s your deepest longing.   

I get it. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to hide behind the busy work of creating content, webpages, launches. 

And the heartache of feeling like you gave everything, and hardly anyone responded or enrolled. It hurts.

When I learned how to show up fully, aligned with my unique gifts, trusting my natural energy flow, everything changed. 

Like the time I took two months off to move country. Then shared a powerful story that connected so deeply, I won a top-promoter prize for the summit I invited people to join.  

Or when I followed the nudge to launch a workshop by writing a powerful poem, The Frozen One. My post went viral and I filled Heal the Witch Wound with 70 perfect people.

It’s possible to align your visibility with your visionary depths

I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, transformation leader and poetry speaker.

I’ve learned how to grow magnetic visibility through shifting your energy at a very deep level. 

And that's what I want to share with you over 5 days in …

With Rionach Aiken, creator of Magnetic Presence



It all begins with your deep connection to your own potent presence.

What if you could bring an energy that is so vibrantly YOU, that you no longer need to push or hold back?

Let’s explore this together in 5 bite-sized sessions beginning Monday 9 May.

In the Potent Presence Challenge

you'll discover the elements that create potent presence:

DAY 1 - Being Potent
Dare to be here, fully engaged with what is. Identify where your potent presence shows up, where it’s missing, and what difference this makes to your visibility.

DAY 2 - Your Potent Presence
What would shift if you showed up fully to reveal your potent essence? Learn how to activate your potent presence to generate safety and authentic connection to yourself and others.

DAY 3 - Your Potent Visibility
Stepping out can be scary. Your loving presence can soften your frozen parts and heal the wounds of not being seen. Explore your habits of hiding and how to be potent, not perfect.

DAY 4 - Your Potent Devotion
Resistance is normal. Amp up your impact by turning towards the gifts of your resistance so you can let go of holding back and break through to the next level of your magical visibility.

DAY 5 - Potent & Magnetic
Like a magnet, you can cultivate a potent energy field that attracts those who resonate with your wisdom. Discover how you can shift your energy to create a powerful magnetic presence.

The Potent Presence Challenge includes

  • Five 30-minute sessions, held Monday 9 to Friday 13 May at 8am ET | 1pm UK | 14.00 CET.
  • Powerful exercises and poems to activate your potent presence, reveal your essence & spark your next bold steps.
  • Daily Challenge Actions to ignite your visibility superpowers (with prizes!!).
  • A Facebook community for connection and sharing (some Daily Challenge Actions will take place in the Facebook Group).
  • Live sessions on Zoom, broadcast into the Facebook Group, with replays also available on our dedicated webpage.

Some changes people have made following this work

I wanted to overcome my freeze response so I could show up consistently. I experienced a huge clearing of blocks that kept me in hiding. Afterwards I felt more here - walls around my heart melted. I saw that people really want to listen to what I have to say! Before I didn't feel safe. Now I can drop into my heart and radiate from there. Such a gift.

Sandra von Schmeling, Qigong teacher, Germany

I was really stuck about putting my work out into the world and kept hitting a wall. This has definitely shifted now. I find myself speaking out more and feeling ready to share my work. This truly alchemical work with Rionach was a huge revelation. It completely changed my energy around being seen and received in the world.

Valerie Collins, author and mentor, Spain, valeriecollinswriter.com

Working with Rionach was an incredibly transformative experience. I got clear on my business focus and created my free guide. I’m okay to be vulnerable and visible now, to show up in all my different facets without being worried that some might not be appreciated. I feel so calm and sure about myself and have a real sense of being me.

Fra Panella, Belonging Coach, UK, frapanella.com

With Rionach Aiken, creator of Magnetic Presence

 Monday 9 - Friday 13 May 2022