Magnetic Presence Retreat

A 3-day online retreat to melt your frozen parts and embody your potent presence so you can create magnetic connection with your people.

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€ 555

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€ 185*

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"I wanted to overcome my freeze response so I could show up consistently. In Magnetic Presence I experienced a huge clearing of ancestral blocks that kept me in hiding. Walls around my heart melted. I felt that people really want to listen to what I have to say! Before I didn't feel safe. Now I can drop into my heart and radiate. Such a gift!"

Sandra von Schmeling



"Magnetic Presence was an incredibly transformative experience. I had no idea poems could rewire our brain and emotions with such grace. It actually changed my posture! It gave me the confidence to commit to sharing my gifts. I’m okay to be visible now, to show up in all my different facets. I feel so calm and have a real sense of being me."

Fra Panella



"I wanted to befriend my magic and power. I used to have lots of self-doubt about who I am as a flower essence therapist and poet. Magnetic Presence and transformational poetry was a revelation! Now I know I'm doing what I should be doing. I look in the mirror and go, ‘Hey gorgeous!’ and I love myself. I feel much more conviction about my work."

Jo Dyer