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Are you a soulful business owner, creative or leader who has a vision for how the world can be a better place? 

Would you love to grow yourself visible in ways that feel in flow with your sensitive nature?

Discover a safe, welcoming space where you can break the habits of hiding, discover soulful ways to share your message and birth a better future.

I’d love to invite you to join the wonderful community in our Facebook group Visibility for Visionary Leaders.


Would you love to:
~ grow your confidence to step into the next level of your visibility?
~ experience a safe space to explore expressing your whole self?
~ belong to a community of changemakers cheering each other on to show up?

Are you someone who'd like to receive:
~ Motivation to show up in new ways?
~ Insights on your visibility blocks
~ Tips to ignite your visibility superpowers?
~ Opportunities to share your message?
~ Interviews with visionary leaders?

Then come on over and say hi!
I can't wait to get to know you and find out more about your vision and work.


What does it mean to be visible as a visionary leader?

If you'd love to dive deeper into why so many emerging visionaries struggle to share their powerful work, watch my juicy conversation with visionary Clare Roche. We explore:

~ the 3 main sources of resistance that keep visionaries playing small.
~ why we need a new paradigm for visibility that's aligned with our visionary depths.
~ why visionaries need community to come out of the shadows and thrive.


Join us at


I’m your host, Rionach Aiken.

I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, leader and transformational speaker. I unlock the voices of visionary business owners so they can share their unique message and create magnetic connection with their audience.

My Vision: I’m committed to creating a world where intuitive changemakers feel free to boldly share their vision and birth new ways of being for our times.

If you're someone with gifts to give, projects to promote and real change to contribute, this is the home for you.


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