When Stepping Forward Is Personal (my magical wedding)

On this day 19 years ago, it was also a full moon in February.

I’ll never forget that day.

It was the day I married my beloved.

Being with Altazar always felt like coming home to me. To a deeper home than any I could have imagined. Soul-deep and eternal.

My unconventional heart had never dreamed of a white wedding – dress, church, flowers. Or any wedding, come to that.

But then I watched the movie Rob Roy.

When Mary McGregor said to her husband: ‘Do you know how fine you are to me, Robert McGregor?’ something changed inside.

Next day I said to Altazar ‘We could get married.

He said yes.  :-D

The vision came. Go to a sacred place in nature. Create our own ceremony. Declare ourselves married.

I quickly knew where and when.

Full moon. February. Hill of Tara (an ancient sacred site in Ireland).


Now the scary bit ...

It felt intensely vulnerable to share this vision with our families.

We thought about heading off somewhere with a couple of witnesses and just doing it ourselves.

But that didn’t honour the vision. It needed to be a public declaration of our love and deep shared commitment.

Hiding wasn’t an option.

So all my visibility fears came out to play.

Could I really share these most tender and precious parts of me – my soulmate love, my quirky vision, my spiritual values – with family and friends who have their own diverse values?

What would they think of me?

Would they be uncomfortable with our sacred vision, given that their beliefs ranged from mild hostility towards anything spiritual to scepticism to deeply-held traditional religious values?

Did I feel safe enough to do this? Or was it too exposed?

I was slow and reticent about telling my family. Feigning nonchalance.

By the way, we’re thinking of doing this thing. If you wanna come, you’re welcome. But hey, no obligation.’

Of course, they all did.

I have an amazing family. <3 <3 <3

We were all-systems-go for a small gathering of 30 close family and friends.

Three days beforehand it was snowing!

This was February … in Ireland … after all.

And the Hill of Tara is high ground. You can see 6 counties on a clear day. It can be a bit chilly!

We told people to wrap up warm. (And had a wee chat with the weather spirits.)

The weather’s changeable in Ireland, to say the least. We watched the forecast the day before with trepidation.

What we saw gave us a hint of the magic to come.

They forecast a bright sunny day across the whole island of Ireland. A rare occurrence!

The day arrived. The sun shone. There was barely a wind. All went smoothly.

Our loved ones stood holding hands in a large circle.

We stepped forward into the centre of the circle together and exchanged our vows.

I ask you to be my partner in a sacred marriage where I may be free to explore and discover myself through your love.

I ask this special favour of you in honour of the love and connection that I feel with you at the level of my soul.

It is my intention to be all that I can be, to share this with you, and to support you in being all you can be.

Do you freely consent to join with me in this way?

We said ‘I do’ and exchanged pendants.

The energy was amazing. Everyone was blown away.

It felt like we were surrounded by the most incredible field of love.


Did it feel vulnerable?

Absolutely. Yes.

But the response from everyone was so accepting, curious and open. Beyond what I could have imagined.

My mum, who’s deeply rooted in her Catholic faith and goes to mass every day, smilingly said: ‘You might start a new trend.’

Stepping into visibility with my vision, I stepped into an expanded reality.

And not just for me.

THIS is what it’s really about.

Let me say that again.

This is what it’s really about.

That’s why I’m passionate about supporting visionaries to step into visibility.

If you have a vision that’s calling you …

… and it requires you to step forward and be visible in a way that stretches you …

… trust it.

The universe has your back.

Get support if you need it.

As each one of us takes a step forward into an expanded reality, together our visions create a new world.



P.S. After 21 years together we still feel the same about each other. It doesn’t mean our human stuff doesn’t come up. It does! But we work through it and find the magic again.

P.P.S. Need support? I get it. Get in touch.

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