What Are You Avoiding?


Do you ever notice just how much energy you put into avoiding something?

For much of my life, I put a lot of energy into avoiding visibility. Without even knowing I was doing it.

Designing my career so I could avoid feeling exposed when I stood in front of a group.

Not asking for more money, going for better jobs or putting my business offers out there, so I could avoid feeling like a failure.

Investing energy in perfectionism and endless training so I could avoid the sting of judgement. Including my own inner critic.

Following experts rather than exploring my own unique work, to avoid disappointing myself or others.

Not asking others to invest in my offerings, to avoid the pain of rejection.

Often, you can’t see what you’re avoiding. It’s a blindspot, hidden from your view.

Like astronomers looking for a black hole, it's not visible. But you know there's something there because it makes tangible patterns around it.

Habits of hiding, of playing small, of not following through on your inner nudges.

What we avoid without knowing it, those sneaky blindspots that rule our lives, is what lies at the heart of true transformation.

It may be revealed by a challenging life experience that’s hard to make sense of. Or a powerful commitment to finally shift those patterns.

It can be painful to turn towards what we’ve given so much energy to avoiding. It often requires a safe, held space. A skilled coach or listener. Someone who knows the territory and can guide you through.

But it is also SUCH a relief to see it. And to know, at long last, how to get off that exhausting old merry-go-round.

Watch this video to:

  • Explore the patterns that point towards what you may have been avoiding.
  • Gently get present to the costs and sneaky side benefits of staying where you are.
  • Lean into your commitment to finally make a shift and get off the old merry-go-round of circling your avoidance rather than facing it.

If you'd love some support with this, reach out to me, because we can hop on a call and get clear on what you need. I’d love to have a chat with you.

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