Poetry Alchemy: Speaking yourself into being


I didn't trust it for a moment
but I drank it anyway,
the wine of my own poetry.

It gave me the daring to take hold
of the darkness and tear it down
and cut it into little pieces.

- Lalla, translated by Coleman Barks

Have you ever come across an amazing poem, read it once or twice and then returned to life as normal?

Yep, me too.

Maybe you have sensed that a poem can offer you a much deeper transformation.

But perhaps you’re not sure how to fully enter the invitation, the delicious promise, it holds. Or feel you don’t have time to go deeper.

But what if it was simple?
What if it was a practice that didn’t take any extra time?

The right poem at the right time can be a powerful catalyst for change.

When you work deeply with a poem over an extended period, you begin to call in the new story that poem offers you.

In the beginning, the invitation the poem offers feels like a stretch.
Over time, you speak the poem into being through yourself.
And you speak yourself into being through the poem.

There is a real hunger for the medicine that poetry offers. 
It offers us a language large enough to hold the complexity of our lives. 
It gives us a guiding light in times of transition.

Last week I offered a special Poetry Prescriptions Week for members of my Visibility for Visionary Leaders group. 

I received 20 requests for poems to help with specific issues. I gave 50(!) poetry prescriptions on topics including: self-confidence, self-love, leadership, communication, visibility, making decisions, empowerment, play, fear, embodying greatness.

The poems touched them. They told me:
~ This one moved me to tears.
~ Spot on! It touches me.
~ I feel working with this poem is exactly right for me at this time.
~ These make my heart sing.
~ Thank you for those beautiful poems. Your choices were perfect.
~ These poems are amazing. They touch the right spot immediately. Looking forward to diving deeper into it.

This training takes it even deeper. Watch this video to discover:

  • The transformative power of embodying a poem and how it can change your life.
  • The anatomy of a poem - why poetry goes so deep so quickly.
  • Tips for working deeply with a poem without needing to find extra time for this practice.

This was delivered live inside the free Visibility for Visionary Leaders Facebook group. Click here to join the conversation, discover those 50 powerful poetry prescriptions and access our weekly live trainings.

Want to go even deeper?

I offer one-to-one Poetry Alchemy Sessions to support you to find and embody the perfect poem for you right now. I'm also creating a new online group training - Magnetic Presence: a poetry journey to embody your essence in June 2021.

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