Radical Support for Your Vision


I sat by the hospital bed, his hand in mine, morning ‘til evening, day after day. (It was a different era!)

When not camping out in the hospital, I dealt with my CEO responsibilities, cooked healthy food to bring him, and dealt with my stress by decluttering cupboards.

I received daily messages of support from family and friends.
And I was still running around like a headless chicken. Doing everything myself.

After a few months, I reached the edge of burnout.

When people asked, I said ‘I’m fine’ and focused on my husband’s recovery instead.

I didn’t know how to ask for support.
I didn’t even know what to ask for.
I couldn’t think of anyone to ask.
It felt weak to ask for help. Vulnerable. Helpless.

My beloved was my main source of support. I was appalled to realise just how little I had invested in building my own support network.

Fast forward 6 years. I’ve so many wonderful support structures in my life now.

I’m so grateful for all the friends, mentors, masterminds, memberships, high-vibe circles, business buddies, conscious communities, and collaborators in my life.

And it’s still hard for me. Every time I step into the next level of my leadership, I resist asking for the support I need.

It’s not just me.

This stuff runs so deep in our culture.

And even more so for women and anyone with diversity characteristics.

For generations we’ve been trained to be the supporters, not the supported.

That becomes our identity. And identities are hard to shift.

We carry a host of limiting beliefs:
~ I have to do it all myself.
~ There's no one to ask.
~ Others don't support me.
~ What's the point of even asking?
~ I’m not important.
~ Hard work makes me worthy.

What can you relate to here?

Here’s why this matters.

Support is especially needed when you’re growing into the next level of your own vision.

When you are following your own calling to make a difference. Without knowing exactly what that looks like.

Because often you are called to create something that hasn’t existed before.

Step by step, fumbling in the dark, following a thread that only you can see.

Without support, it’s easy to lack confidence. To feel you’re not good enough. That there’s something wrong with you for not charging full-steam ahead.

But what if the real truth is that you actually need way more support than you think to generate success?

Radical support for who you are becoming and what you are called to create.

So together we can create a better future for our world.

What I have discovered is that opening up to receive radical support …
.... is essential for stepping into the next level of your contribution.

Watch this video training on this topic to:

  • Understand what holds you back from receiving even more radical support.
  • Get clear on the support you need to step into the next level of your vision, and identify your support gaps.
  • Discover what kinds of support are most helpful for you and learn how to grow your support networks.

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