My biggest birthday present ever!

I got the biggest birthday present - ever - this year.  

It was unexpected. Magical. And totally in line with my vision.  

After living in England for 22 years, me and my beloved decided to up sticks and move to the Netherlands in 2020.  

We’d felt the inner nudges for a while.  

We have a loving community of friends there. My business gives me freedom to work anywhere. All Altazar’s work is there. My Dutch clients and friends were calling me in.

It was time.  

Lockdown eased. We put our house on the market. Sold in a week.  


On the one hand, feeling in flow, abundant and supported by the universe.  

On the other, feeling the whirling insecurity of letting go of my foundations during a year of seismic global events.  

The one thing I could trust was my vision.  

I felt strongly that I wanted to start my new decade by spending my 50th birthday in Holland.  

We hopped on the Eurostar. From the moment I arrived I felt grounded, at home and incredibly welcomed by many friends - new and old.  

The morning of my birthday arrived. We’d planned to visit a couple of houses, then spend the day with our oldest friends. We didn’t expect to find ‘the one’.  

After we visited the first house, the selling agent said: ‘There’s another one. It’s not on the market yet. But let me see if we can fit it in before our next visit.’  

We followed her car, not even knowing what street we were on.  

The moment we stepped inside it felt great. Beautiful garden. Gorgeous decor. And the energy felt so clean.

After a lightning quick tour, maybe 15 minutes in total, we rushed off to our next appointment.  

But the mystery house was the one. It was stunning. Totally in line with our vision. And exactly on our budget.  

I’d been visioning into our future home for months. Connecting with my future self. Feeling into every aspect - the area, the space, the feel, our purpose.  

Each time I felt my inner GPS get clearer and clearer.  

Each time I took massive action aligned with my vision.  

Radical decluttering. Selling our house and most of our furniture. Learning Dutch (even though I’m rubbish at languages!). Researching the relocation.  

Each time I had to let go, trust and surrender.  

Let go of everything that was not aligned with my vision. Treasured belongings. Time commitments. Ways of being.  

It really stretched me.  

Even though the process was fast and smooth, there were many emotional ups and downs. Self-doubt, insecurity, fear, overwhelm.  

We put in an offer on our new home. It wasn’t accepted for a nail-biting 2 weeks. But once all offers were in, the owners felt they wanted to sell it to us.  

The key points I’m taking away are:

  1. Dream big. Co-create with your future self. Get clear. Feel it.
  2. Take massive action to align with your vision. Focused. Committed. 100% all-in.
  3. Let go. Trust. Surrender. Declutter. With deep gratitude, lovingly release everything that’s no longer aligned with your vision. Bring it to a beautiful completion. This creates space for the new to land.

What vision are you creating in your life right now? What resonates with you from my story?  

This story illustrates one of my Three Keys to Visibility for Visionary Leaders.  

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