The Magic of Story with Kate Wolf


I just LOVED this deep dive conversation with the wonderful Kate Wolf about why stories are so powerful for communicating the depth and value of your work.

And we got to bring forth our magic and play with our wands! (Literally! You have to watch it! And this was totally unplanned :-)

Learning from Kate how to write transformational stories was a game-changer for my business.

It’s the most powerful way to invite people into your world and create magnetic connection with them.

As Kate says:

'Once Upon a Time, putting a shingle outside your door was enough to let the neighbours and passing villagers know you had fresh eggs to trade.

These days, with ‘the market’ existing not just in the local square but on every street and url imaginable, to sell your wares you need to stand out.

In a day-and-age where 'marketing' is now a verb, doesn’t matter how good a Coach you are, how ethical your hand-made lamps are, or how delicious and nutritious your cooking – if you want to grow your business, you need to draw the right kind of attention to your work.

How? By telling the story that has you stand out as a Beacon that attracts your dream clients.

Since humans could talk we have sat around the roaring fire and told stories. It’s how we connect. When someone shares themselves with you, you feel you know them. You trust them.

There is no faster way to achieve the marketing trifecta of Know, Like and Trust than by telling a good story.'

Watch this video to discover: 

  • Why stories enable you to powerfully communicate the value of your work
  • The language that boosts your engagement and creates magnetic connection
  • The wild voice and how it brings your unique voice to life.
  • How to overcome the fear of sharing your stories

If you would love to learn how to write stories that touch hearts, create transformation and leave people hungry for more ...

and stories that shine your unique gifts, message and mastery ...

Check out Kate's brilliant StorySchool program here

Doors are only open for a limited time. 

Kate's StorySchool training broke this skill down into simple steps for me and showed me how to write stories that connect deeply with my people.

I've had so many people say to me 'I need to work with you!' after reading these stories.

My transformation stories help them to know that I get it, that I've been there, that I've found a path through the forest and that they can trust me to lead them through with compassion and courage. 

Check out StorySchool now to experience this for yourself. 

And click here to download Kate's powerful Move Through Fear guide. 

Enjoy the magic! ✨

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