Love is in the driving seat

170 years ago in Ireland people died by the side of the road in their thousands.

The main potato crop repeatedly failed. A people already on the margins starved.

The authorities stood by. Concepts such as welfare and human rights were yet to be born.

They continued to export crops - in heavily guarded convoys - back to the British mainland.

Those that couldn’t pay their rent were not only evicted from their homes. The roofs were torn off their cottages so they couldn’t return.

People walked for days to workhouses where they laboured under terrible conditions for meagre meals.

A million people died. Another million fled the country. 25% of the population disappeared in a few short years.

I share this not to scare you.

But to highlight how much has changed in our world.

Now we have welfare benefits, food banks, health services and non-profits designed to support the most vulnerable.

Now we are willing to sacrifice our daily liberties to help others.

Now we are choosing to undergo significant economic hardship to save lives.

Of course there is fear.

But underneath all the fear, there is so much love. So much kindness.

Our world is far from perfect.

Yes, there are terrible inequalities, power struggles and agendas.

Yes, our world needs to continue evolving in life-positive ways.

Perhaps more rapidly and radically than ever before.

But looking back helps us to see that, ultimately, love is in the driving seat.

So friends, I invite you to focus on the love that’s underneath all our fears.

To feel proud of how our humanity is evolving.

And to contribute - in whatever way you feel called - to accelerate that evolution.

Because that is how our world evolves.

When we anchor ourselves in love …
… we find the courage to speak up,
to act generously,
to be kind to ourselves and others.

Your voice matters.

Your contribution is needed.

Sending you so much love.


Artwork by Christina Maria (

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