Letting Go of the Inner Critic


How’s your inner critic? It can be the toughest critic of all. 

The fault-finder, the nit-picker, the nasty attacker that lives in our heads and automatically pops up to put us down. 

The one that shows up hour after hour, to tell us how little we know or have achieved. 

The one that sabotages our dreams and postpones our inspired actions. 

The one whose harsh voice tells us, ‘Who do you think you are to dare to do such things?’  

This is a deep one. 

So I’m bringing the magical vibrational medicine of poetry to offer a powerful antidote to your inner tyrant.


Did you know that poetry can actually rewire our brain? 

'Neuroplasticity' means that our brain is adaptable. We can literally rewire our brains with our thoughts. 

Our brains love novelty (which is why online browsing is so addictive ;-). Novelty fires brain chemicals that create new neural pathways. 

Research shows that the language of poetry acts like a rocket-booster to the brain, creating new neural connections (no matter your age).

Poetry activates brain regions concerned with language, memory and emotion. It causes us to reflect, reinterpret and reappraise our experience. 

Which is why someone told me after a poetry dive: ‘My whole life makes sense now!’ 

So what better tool to use to begin to let go of the constant negative interpretations made by our inner critic? 

In this video I dive deep into the powerful poem that helped me turn my inner critic’s volume way down. (It was very noisy!)

Watch this video to:

  • Discover the poem that I prescribe to my clients that helped me turn down the volume on my inner critic.
  • Experience poetry alchemy to help you displace your inner critic from its front-row seat as judge and jury. 
  • Learn how to embody a poem so you can rewire your brain and belief system to fully integrate these shifts.  

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