Embracing the Magic of Story to Grow your Business!


Since humans could talk we sat around the fire and told stories. 

It’s how we connect. 

When someone shares themselves with you, you feel you know them.

You trust them. 

It doesn’t matter how good a coach/healer/therapist/guide you are – if you want to grow your business, you need to draw the right kind of attention to your work. 


By telling the story that has you stand out as a Beacon that attracts your just-right clients. 

Stories touch hearts. They stop the scroll and create deep connection. 
Stories take us on a journey - often a transformative one. 
Stories can communicate the depth of your transformation work better than any marketing language. 
Stories walk us through profound human experiences - the ups and downs - powerfully and beautifully. 
Stories create clients ~ I have many clients who said I need to work with you’ after reading one of my stories

And that’s why I’m delighted to introduce you to my friend and story guide extraordinaire Kate Wolf. 

Watch this value-packed, practical video to discover:

  • The three crucial Why stories to grow your business.  
  • Where to use stories so they reach the right people and bring the right attention to you and your business.
  • How your business is a story - what story are you telling and what story is being told?

If you'd love to discover, and write, the story that will be a beacon for your just-right clients, check out Kate's 2-week StoryMagic summer immersion.

Use the code STORYRIONACH to get £50 off at the checkout. And register by Monday 27 June to get a great earlybird offer! 

I can really vouch for Kate's work. StoryMagic helped me find my own powerful core story that I've used over and over in so many ways for years. And taught me how to craft many more stories to create deep connection with my people (like you!)

StoryMagic will help you find the courage you need to share your voice and your story on a bigger platform so you can grow your reach.

Share the stories only you can share.

With love

Rionach xo


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