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with Rionach Aiken


Poem 'Again and again some people in the crowd wake up' is by Rainer Maria Rilke

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Do you ever get the feeling that there's an unsung song inside of you … a calling and a potential that is uniquely yours to birth into the world?

If so, then you may be a visionary who senses that the world is at a turning point, and that there's a meaningful role for you to play in shaping our future. And you are right!

However, like many visionaries, you may love depth and following your intuitive knowing, but struggle with visibility. You feel overwhelmed by this calling and uncomfortable about the need to become visible so you can share your vision and make the difference that only you can make.

I also suspect you’re experiencing a confusing and frustrating gap between the rich possibilities you sense for your life and what you've been able to create in your lived experience.

Would you like to discover ways of sharing your work more visibly in the world that feel as inspired as the depth of transformation you offer?
AND increase your impact, influence and income in ways that feel deeply aligned for you?

 So you can stop …

  • feeling frustrated that you're not out there sharing your gifts or passion
  • feeling the pain of not yet achieving the potential you sense in your clearest moments is possible
  • letting your fears of being judged, criticised or not good enough stop you in your tracks
  • getting overwhelmed by your valuable sensitivity when you put yourself out there

What you need is …

  • to release generations-old limiting patterns, beliefs and deep fears that dim your light and keep your true brilliance hidden
  • to discover an Aligned Visibility Pathway that helps you connect with those you're here to serve in ways that feel magical, intuitive and inspiring
  • to expand your confidence to make aligned intuitive decisions and take bold actions to make your work visible to those who need your offerings
  • the confidence to trust yourself, take up space, value your own contribution and express your radiance in the world
  • to cultivate the resilience you need to show up and become unstoppable in sharing your gifts ...

This 3 month online LIVE group program is for practitioners, coaches, creatives, healers, changemakers and leaders.

It's ideal for you if you would love to …

  • feel as inspired by your marketing and visibility activities as you do by the deep transformational work you offer
  • discover the most potent, aligned actions you can engage in to deeply connect with your tribe
  • get into action, overcome fear and procrastination and transform any old patterns or wounds that may be holding you back
  • get your vision and authentic voice seen and valued in the world
  • feel deeply connected to yourself, value your intuition and unique gifts, and express your wisdom in ways that others can see and receive ...
What shape waits in the seed of you to grow
and spread its branches against a future sky?
David Whyte

What You'll Receive

  • 13 weeks of recorded training modules (video and downloadable audio) with practice and reflection exercises (in pdf and Word format) to generate the insights that transform your experience.
  • Support to get clear on your deeply aligned visibility project to put your learning into action and generate tangible results during the program
  • LIVE weekly video group coaching sessions (plus recordings) to share progress, ask questions, check alignment and stay on track (arranged at times to maximize participation by our small group)
  • Group shared agreements to create a powerful culture of mutual support, feedback and accountability
  • Private online learning group hosted on Facebook to share your experience and connect with other participants.
  • Optional: 1-1 mentoring session packages are also available to fast-track your progress through visibility block clearing and alignment checks.

This 3 month intensive covers

Pre-course Orientation Module – Set Yourself Up for Success

Create a powerful container for your transformation. Discover how to engage with the course in ways that generate a breakthough, and what can get in the way of that. Connect with your deepest desires to catalyze your most powerful intentions .

Module 1 – Clarify Your Vision

Experience the magical power you have as a visionary to create the new and midwife unmanifest potentials into the world. Get clear on your aligned intention for what you desire to create in your life. Focus your intention where the most energy is to create a breakthrough.


Module 2 – Discover Your Aligned Visibility Pathway

Visibility is all about connection. Explore ways of connecting with others that bring you alive and feel deeply aligned. These visibility pathways allow you to connect with those you are here to serve, inspiring them to go deeper. Choose your visibility project to work on during the course.

Module 3 – Understanding Collective Invisibility Wounds

Explore the collective wounds that still trigger visibility fears. Heal ancestral trauma carried in our bodies from centuries of persecution and oppression of visionary wisdom. Explore feminine and masculine qualities and your relationship to each.

Module 4 – Identify your Visibility Block

Identify the #1 inner barrier that limits your visibility. Uncover your invisibility behaviours, shift the underlying beliefs keeping them in place and develop more aligned visibility habits.

Module 5 – Evolve Your Old Story

Learn to connect with the parts of yourself that carry your most limiting beliefs in ways that enable you to hold and evolve them. Experience the deeper truth of who you are and what’s possible for you and begin to create that in your life.

Module 6 – Embody a New Story

Learn how to embody a new identity that's aligned with the deeper truth of who you are and what’s possible for you. Discover the power of Poetry Alchemy to support this. Begin to powerfully generate new ways of engaging with yourself, others and your life.

Module 7 – Ignite Your Intuitive Superpowers

Understand how to activate and trust your intuition so that you have an inner compass to guide your actions. Align your unique destiny with the energy and intelligence of life and become a change agent to support the evolution of our world.

Module 8 – Energy Management for Visionaries

Understand your sensitivity as a visionary intuitive and how to minimize overwhelm. Learn how to release energies that no longer serve you, ground high frequencies and deal with projection.

Module 9 – Visibility Cycles

Understand natural cycles and how to align your actions with them so you feel you are sailing with, rather than against, the wind. Discover the value of harvesting and renewal, and befriend your inner critic.

Module 10 – Visibility = Connection

Discover the secret to showing up fully in the world without hiding or losing yourself in others. Learn how to generate empowered collaborative partnerships with others to fulfill your mutual potentials.

Module 11 – Step into Radiance

Identify your gifts, genius and core strengths. Experience the authentic confidence to shine your unique radiance brightly into the world. Create your bold statement to embody the greatness you really are.

Module 12 – Integrate and Celebrate

Harvest your experience to integrate your learning. Celebrate your success to raise your vibration. Realise that you are the creative energy of Life, unleashing higher visions for the world.

What People Say

Working with Rionach on her Visionaries Becoming Visible program has been an amazing experience. I had so much drive to share my gifts but felt stuck on actually letting them be seen. Her work is gentle but goes so deep. I've cleared visibility blocks and fears I was completely unaware of. She is so gifted for getting to the heart of the matter. I feel empowered and filled with potentials. The way forward for my work and gifts is clear, open and possible now. I am truly grateful to Rionach and highly recommend this amazing program.

- Joan Buckley, Spiritual Teacher, Cork, Ireland


Rionach is passionate about helping people step into their visibility.  She is good at helping you to unravel what your dreams and gifts are. Rionach held a deep, safe space for me. I'd recommend her heart-centred way of gently encouraging you to explore your dreams and step into your visibility. The world needs the gifts you have to offer, it's time to step up and share them.

- Kim Budge, Wilderness Guide, South Africa


Rionach is the real deal. I have experienced her gifts and ability to bring out the best in people. The work I have done with Rionach has shifted my fears. I have hope that I will be able to step into my own magnitude. I am slowly applying all that she has shared with me. 

- Cheryl Lee Davies, Yoga & Reiki Teacher, Boston, USA


I consider myself very blessed to have worked with Rionach. She helped me to gain clarity on some challenges. The energy that she holds allows unfolding and realisation to occur. She is a very grounding and wise presence.

- Amanda Boyd, Northern Ireland


Places are limited and, due to the transformational nature of this course, let's have a chat to find out if it's the right fit for you. Whether it is or not, I'll help you get clear on your best next steps to achieve your vision.


Hi, I'm Rionach Aiken (pronounced Rhianock :-), experienced leader, mentor, transformational facilitator and former CEO. My mission is to empower visionaries to step into greater visibility because more visionary voices need to be heard.

My pioneering approach combines deep inner work with taking aligned action, so you grow yourself visible from the inside out.

Having gone from painfully shy, sensitive and avoiding the spotlight for years, to being a CEO leading a team of 100 and building an online business, I know what it takes to grow your visibility in ways that feel authentic and really you.

It wasn’t easy. It took me decades of deep, soul-searching work. I discovered that a lot of existing support services didn't work for me. Many external visibility strategies left me feeling confused, overwhelmed and disconnected from the depth I yearned to offer.

Most experts weren’t able to handhold me through the intense level of fear that caused me to procrastinate, hide and fail to implement. I did the inner work, but remained safe in my cave, feeling too raw and tender to put myself out there. Endlessly preparing, never ready.

And you know what? There was hardly anyone speaking about the context inside which my visibility struggles existed. I thought it was just me!

Eventually I realised that it was an experience shared by many. It shows up in different ways for each of us, but there are surprisingly common deep collective patterns underlying this experience. They’re hard to see. But have a powerful influence.

I’ve learned not to let my fears – of being visible, judged, not good enough, failing, not ready – keep me stuck. They're still here :-) But over time I’ve evolved powerful strategies. Fear hasn’t disappeared, but I’m not invisible anymore.

I've hosted an online interview series, grown my mailing list, built a new website in a week, created a podcast, daily FB Live videos, webinars, and given many talks and presentations.

Now I'm passionate about sharing my discoveries to support the next generation of visionaries to share their voices and intuitive wisdom in ways that feel deeply aligned.


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