€500 Euro (+ 21% VAT/BTW where applicable)

Visibility Superpowers Experience

Visibility Superpowers Experience: energy alchemy for the soulful business owner

This is a VIP coaching experience where you will be guided to:

  • get clear on your vision for the new level of visibility that's calling you.
  • identify the energy pattern ready to be healed and transmuted from your field.
  • own your superpower energies and know what you need to integrate this into your life

Step 1: Register, complete the Visibility Superpowers Experience intake form and receive your personal Poetry Prescription

Step 2: Reveal & heal energy patterns & activate your superpowers in a powerful 90-minute Energy Alchemy Session with Rionach 

Step 3: Clarify your next-level vision and integration steps in your a 30-minute Pathfinder Session to expand your capacity for visibility.

For some people the work will be complete here.

Step 4: An a-ha happens in a moment but integrating it into your life takes time. If you decide to step into deeper work with Rionach, the value of your Visibility Superpowers Experience will be applied to your coaching program (programs vary in length and start at €3K).

What People Are Saying:

Rionach is a world-class transformational coach who supported me to make profound shifts in visibility. As a result, I got clarity on my ideal client, created a new one-page website in a day and honed my transformational story. She helped me shift from overwhelm to leading a seminar for 300 people in a relaxed, grounded way. My gratitude and respect for her are enormous!

Lisa Peek, Wealth & Feminine Leadership Mentor

Rionach’s work is gentle but goes so deep. I had so much drive to share my gifts but felt stuck on actually letting them be seen. She went straight to the root of my visibility blocks. I shifted from being unable to show up on video to doing regular Facebook lives. And finally publishing my website and membership program. It was a transformational experience that created a significant shift for me.

Joan Buckley, Spiritual Guide & Energy Intuitive