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Fire Up Your Soul's Voice

A 90-minute poetry activation (on Zoom)

Thursday 13 October 2022
11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7 PM UK | 20.00 CET

Join us live or watch the replay


The path of stepping into visibility with your soul’s calling is not for the faint of heart. 

It’s a profound journey of initiation.

🔥 It leads you into your deepest vulnerability

🔥 It exposes your old stories and core wounds around being seen.

🔥 It stretches you to cherish the messiness of your humanity.

🔥 It invites you to uncover, own and express your uniqueness

🔥 It challenges you to engage fully with the complexities of our world. 


So naturally there’s often a strong pull to hide from this path

Even as your soul nudges you forward. 

You may find yourself:

  • Spinning your wheels planning All The Things and feeling overwhelmed.

  • Doubting the value of what you offer & wondering ‘Who am I?’ 

  • Feeling exposed when you share your soul-guided offerings.

  • Beating yourself up for not being more consistent.

  • Frustrated by the lack of engagement when you do share your wisdom. 


You’re not alone. 

I struggled with this push-pull for decades as a super shy, highly sensitive person. 

How can I step out of this cave if I don’t feel safe enough? 

How can I make myself visible when I feel so overwhelmed and just want to hide

Eventually I discovered a powerful magic that finally helped me step out on this fierce path. 

A magic that bypasses your mind, opens your heart and plugs you into the voice of your soul.

The magic of Poetry Alchemy™.


Why poetry?

Poetry goes super deep and shifts your energy faster than anything I've come across! 

When experienced inside a sacred container, poetry can ...

✨ Rewire your brain, rewrite your old stories and switch on your potent presence.

✨ Realign you with your soul's path and ignite your courage to share your deepest truth.

✨ Transform core visibility blocks and help you take up space.

✨ Create spell-binding moments, transporting us into experiences of pure magic.


I invite you to join me for Fire Up Your Soul’s Voice: a poetry activation for visionary leaders.  

This activation will help you to: 

  • Awaken your soul’s calling

  • Connect to your inner guidance

  • Discover what’s been keeping you frozen

  • Ignite your commitment to take your next brave, bold, baby step.


Register now for Fire Up Your Soul’s Voice

Thurs 13 Oct 2022 (90 minutes)

11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7 PM UK | 20.00 CET

(If you can't join live, you can watch the replay)


*For other payment options, email [email protected]

What People Say About Poetry Activations:

This ignited my inner flame and shifted my reality. I felt deeply that it’s time to step into visibility with my intuitive gifts & heart’s calling.

A treasure trove of heart-opening insights and unique facilitation for healing and growth.

The poems are gorgeous and will extract you from your comfort zone.

I’m not a poetry person, so I was surprised at how the poems resonated with me. A very powerful process.

Incredibly powerful and valuable. There's such a deep world hidden in poetry.