Grow Yourself Visible

Unleash the authentic you and become seen, known and valued in just 90 days
Would you like to break though the fear and overwhelm that have held you back and realise your potential for impact, influence and income in ways that feel deeply authentic and really you?

 So you can stop …

  • letting your fears of being judged, criticised or not good enough stop you in your tracks
  • feeling frustrated that you're not out there sharing your gifts or passion
  • feeling that your potential for impact, influence and income is under-realised
  • getting overwhelmed by your valuable sensitivity when you put yourself out there

What you need is …

  • the confidence to be yourself, trust yourself, show up, be visible, value your own contribution and express that in the world.
  • to connect deeply to your own feelings, needs and vision. Become visible to yourself first and learn to communicate that with others.
  • to cultivate the resilience you need to take aligned action - communicate, take up space, get your gifts out, be seen and valued.
My unique approach combines deep transformative inner work with practical action so you grow yourself visible from the inside out.
Work with me to free up your energy, release old visibility blocks and get into aligned action. 
Then you can experience the relief of realising your potential in your life and work.

Rionach xo

This 90 day individual coaching program for practitioners, coaches, creatives, change-makers is ideal for you if you would like to …

  • relieve an underlying ache of frustration and finally feel like your next level of potential is becoming realised in your life.
  • feel deeply connected to yourself, value your inner gifts, express your passion and wisdom in ways that others can see and receive.
  • get into action, overcome fear and procrastination and get your creativity and authentic voice seen and valued in the world.
'No one who survives to speak new language has avoided this:
the cutting away of an old force that held her rooted to an old ground.'
Adrienne Rich

What to expect

I work intuitively and at a very deep level to support you to:

Clear Visibility Blocks

  • free up your energy by rapidly identifying and releasing old patterns that are holding you back
  • shift collective and ancestral patterns that have kept women and visionaries invisible for generations
  • transform personal patterns and limiting beliefs holding old behaviours in place - such as habits of hiding, overgiving, isolation and more.

Create Your Next Level of Visibility

  • get clear on your deepest desires and the inspired actions you need to take to grow into the next level of your visibility
  • discover your aligned visibility pathway so you can create connection in ways that bring you alive and magnetise your ideal audience

Embody a New Story

  • uncover an expanded identity that's deeply aligned with who you truly are and show up in new ways to anchor this into your daily life
  • take up more space and shine your unique essence with radiance and confidence in the world!

I use a variety of tools such as energy work, transformative coaching and poetry alchemy. My gifts of sensitivity and laser-like clarity get to the heart of the matter to create deep and lasting transformation. I'd love to support you to grow yourself visible from the inside out.

To discover more, book a call with me

What you'll receive

This intensive coaching program includes:

  • 12 hours of coaching, typically consisting of a 2 hour intake session plus 10 weekly sessions
  • sessions on video (Zoom) or telephone
  • downloadable audio recordings of each session
  • a private shared online space to capture reflections, updates, actions, accountability, questions and provide support between sessions
  • powerful practices tailored to support your journey to assist you to generate the insights, behaviour shifts and action steps that transform your experience


Apply for one of the limited number of no-obligation Visibility Breakthrough Sessions I offer each month. I'll support you to discover the #1 unconscious block holding you back from stepping forward and the mindset shifts you need to address it, so you can reach more clients in ways that feel aligned with who you truly are!

What People Say

Rionach is passionate about helping people step into their visibility.  She is good at helping you to unravel what your dreams and gifts are. Rionach held a deep, safe space for me. I'd recommend her heart-centred way of gently encouraging you to explore your dreams and step into your visibility. The world needs the gifts you have to offer, it's time to step up and share them.

- Kim Budge, Wilderness Guide, South Africa


Rionach is the real deal. I have experienced her gifts and ability to bring out the best in people. The work I have done with Rionach has shifted my fears. I have hope that I will be able to step into my own magnitude. I am slowly applying all that she has shared with me. 

- Cheryl Lee Davies, Yoga & Reiki Teacher, Boston, USA


I consider myself very blessed to have worked with Rionach. She helped me to gain clarity on some challenges. The energy that she holds allows unfolding and realisation to occur. She is a very grounding and wise presence.

- Amanda Boyd, Northern Ireland


Working with Rionach has been such a full and rich experience. She was consistently present and open to whatever I brought to our sessions. She offers a spacious yet completely safe container in which to meet with open aliveness whatever is revealed. Staying open to the unexpected, whilst being so respectfully and sensitively supported by Rionach, has enriched my relationship with myself, others and the world around me. Personally I have come away with much more than I could have imagined. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with Rionach to anyone who wants to grow.

- M. Clarke, Therapist, Ireland


Discover The Top 3 Visibility Blocks That Stop Women From Realising Their Impact, Influence And Income


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