Discover Your Aligned Visibility Pathway

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Watch now! In this workshop we will cover:

Get Aligned

Learn how to align your visibility activities with your unique brilliance in ways that bring you alive so you can release overwhelm and create impact.

Create Connection

Connect with your visionary depths and allow your natural radiance to shine, so you can forge deep connection with those you're here to serve.

Unleash Your Mission

Get clear on the change you're passionate to create in the world and unleash the magnetic energy of the transformational visionary within.

The powerful step-by-step process you'll learn in this workshop will give you clarity on your aligned next steps to expand and engage with your audience. 

This is for you if:

  • you’re a changemaker, coach, creative, healer, visionary.
  • you’d love to feel as inspired by your efforts to put yourself out there, as you do by the deep transformational work you offer.
  • you’re keen to discover the most potent, aligned actions you can engage in to connect with your tribe – so you can stop spinning wheels and generate real momentum.

It’s hard to create the change you feel called to make when you’re the world’s best-kept secret.

Discover your aligned visibility pathway so you can create the sustainable, nourishing business you sense is possible - and become visible for good.


In this workshop I'll also be introducing my upcoming online group program:

Your Voice Matters: Visionaries Becoming Visible - clear your visibility blocks, get into aligned action and share your vision to increase your influence, impact and income. 

If you are ...

  • feeling frustrated that you're not out there sharing your gifts or passion
  • letting your fears of being judged, criticised or not good enough stop you in your tracks
  • getting overwhelmed by your valuable sensitivity when you put yourself out there

what you may need is …

  • to release generations-old limiting patterns and fears that dim your light and keep your true brilliance hidden
  • to expand your confidence to make aligned intuitive decisions and take bold actions to make your work visible to those who need it
  • the confidence to trust yourself, take up space, value your contribution and express your radiance in the world
  • to cultivate resilience to show up and become unstoppable in sharing your gifts.

I'd love to help.

Join this powerful group of changemakers to get clear, get aligned and grow yourself visible for good. 


What People Say

Working with Rionach on her Visionaries Becoming Visible program has been an amazing experience. I had so much drive to share my gifts but felt stuck on actually letting them be seen. Her work is gentle but goes so deep. I have cleared visibility blocks and fears that I was completely unaware of. She is so gifted for getting to the heart of the matter. I feel empowered and filled with potentials. The way forward for my work and gifts is clear, open and possible now. I am truly grateful to Rionach and highly recommend this amazing program.

- Joan Buckley, Spiritual Teacher, Cork, Ireland


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