Do you second-guess yourself?

Dream of inviting more people into your work, but get caught in perfection loops, polishing endless drafts rather than hitting publish.

Perhaps you feel exposed, blank or tongue-tied when you show up at the next level. And need a ton of calming to soothe your jangled nervous system.

Do you ever find yourself having feisty arguments in your head with real or imagined critics? Preparing to defend or justify or persuade.

Longing to be seen, but afraid to reveal your tender heart.

You are a creative, change bringer or business builder
with next-level gifts to give, invitations to share or projects to promote.

You have hard-won wisdom in your heart you'd love to share:

  • Words that soothe, practices that heal, offerings that shift
  • inspiring stories of overcoming and possibility
  • new and necessary ways of navigating life in our troubled world

But you find yourself holding back, waiting, keeping them close to your heart (safe in your notebook or drafts folder).

Because perhaps, deep down, someone else's words are still taking up too much space in your sensitive psyche.

I get it.

For decades, I lived behind the scenes, hiding from the harsh voices I imagined were waiting to catch me out.

Speaking in front of people gave me gut-wrenching anxiety, sleepless nights of tossing and turning.

I felt so exposed sharing my inner self, I was always the last to raise my hand in a group.

My first creative writing courses were via distance learning, because the thought of sharing my words in a class felt overwhelming for me.

When I recorded my first video, I couldn’t speak because I was crying and frozen with fear.

I genuinely believed that I wasn’t cut out to be visible. I was too quiet, too sensitive, too fearful. Not confident or outgoing or resilient enough.

Most conventional visibility strategies simply did not work for me.

Eventually, I overcame my debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, poet, speaker, retreat leader, and deep-dive soulful visibility guide.

One of the most simple, deep and impactful
processes I use, over and over,
for myself and my clients,
is clearing the energy of the critics.

Which can include our nearest and dearest. Because humans do human stuff - sometimes great, sometimes not. 

Our visibility wounds were created in relationship with others.

And they are healed through lovingly releasing the energies that no longer serve us. 

Without knowing it, we often remain energetically entangled in painful, unresolved moments.

Records of old conversations playing over and over in the deep recesses of our mind.

These could be personal or collective, such as: 

  • mealtime scoldings that touched a raw nerve and never fully healed.
  • the harsh voices of playground or workplace bullies. 
  • cultural or systemic choruses of 
    • Who do you think you are?
    • Don’t get too big for your boots!
    • It’s dangerous to put your head above the parapet.

I could go on. 

What sparks for you as you read this? 

Perhaps their memory has faded, but you can still sense the shape of old forgotten scars.

In this community class, I’ll lead you through a deep and potent energetic clearing to release one major personal critic, or one major collective message. 

(You’ll have access to the replay, and can repeat the clearing as many times as you need to.) 

I’ve led hundreds of people through this process over 25 years. It’s truly astonishing how much it can shift. 

Doing this work rapidly clears deep-rooted energy blocks that mindset work alone cannot reach. 

Persistent fears of being judged or criticised fade significantly.

You feel freer to go live, hit publish, complete that blog or website.

It helps you to share your soulful voice in ways that dial up the ease and dial down the friction.

You naturally bring more You-ness when you show up with your work or projects.

And, at a root level, it supports you to build healthier relationships with yourself and those in your life, and release old ghosts with love and sovereignty.

Who this is for

Honestly, most people can benefit from doing this work.

Visibility is all about connection, and if any relationship pieces feel hard, so will growing your capacity for visibility.

This is for you if

  • you find yourself freezing, procrastinating or spinning when you go to share your gifts, and want to ease that push-pull friction. 
  • being in relationship with your people, peers or partners is sometimes hard for you.
  • you find yourself caught in sticky relationship dynamics that you're ready to shift. 
  • you're open to collaborating with Source (Spirit, God, the Universe, higher self, Divine Intelligence …) and energetically releasing ways of relating that no longer serve you.

This is not for you if

  • you’re attached to using a particular modality and not up for trying something different. 
  • you’re not ready for energy work or collaborating directly with Source. 

If you are a creative, change bringer or business builder who has gifts to give, invitations to share or projects to promote (or would like to), you'll likely feel at home in my world.

Instead of beating your head against the wall of ‘visibility is hard’, I want to support you to clear the energetic undergrowth, so you can grow rooted foundations and share your magic in steady, soul-sustaining ways.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll get access to the replay of the full 90-minute class.
  • I'll guide you through a deep, gentle and powerful energy clearing of a critic or critical source.
  • You'll be invited to open to a new possibility for the visible presence you're called to create, using a potent poem.
  • You'll get a PDF handout of the energy release process and poem to keep.
  • You'll have lifetime access to the replay, so you can watch it at your own pace and come back to it whenever you need to release another critic.
  • You'll get an overview of the 3 pillars of soulful visibility, the 4 layers of visibility blocks, and sneak peak at the work we do in Soulful Visibility Alchemy.

Get instant access to this 90-minute deep-dive class for €33 EUR.

(+VAT for EU residents)

Yes, really. Only thirty three euros (around thirty five US dollars).

Previously, this was only available through my private coaching (ranging from €500-€5000). 

Because I want more people to get free of these toxic inner and outer critics and share their soulful voices. It's time. 


"I was terrified at the thought of sharing my ideas because I had never felt safe doing so. Growing up, I was told, in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that my insatiable curiosity and daring words were not welcome. It felt dangerous to shine. And so I dimmed my light and stayed quiet in order to stay safe, liked, loved.

Ríonach helped me release my fear of being shot down and dismissed as an attention-seeker, and create my own inner safetyThe effect was immediate, not only in my writing but also on a personal level. I speak my mind without fear. I'm writing and sharing my words again. I'm calling my people in from a place of inner safety and self-trust, and they're responding. This work is real magic - powerful and deep." 

Annette Vaucanson Kelly, Writer ~ Wild Swimmer ~ Earth Guardian